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RCMA 5-Part Series Foundation Palette

RCMA 5-Part Series Foundation Palette

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šŸŒŸ Life as a professional makeup artist just got easier and more exciting with RCMA's "Series Favorite" palette! šŸŒŸ Now, you can take your most-loved shades wherever you go, whether it's a busy day on set or a glamorous night out on the town.

šŸ’„ This palette is a dream come true, featuring a curated selection of your absolute favorite RCMA shades. From timeless neutrals to bold pops of color, it has everything you need to create stunning looks for any occasion. šŸ’‹

šŸŽ’ Designed with convenience in mind, the "Series Favorite" palette is compact and travel-friendly. Slip it into your makeup bag or kit, and you'll never be without your go-to shades again! šŸš€

What sets RCMA apart from the rest? Each RCMA product is manufactured under stringent conditions in small batches, ensuring the highest standards of quality and consistency. Every ingredient is meticulously weighed to the gram, maintaining precise color standards. With a remarkable 50% pigment ratio to waxes and oils, RCMA Foundation offers exceptional coverage using minimal product. It contains only vegetable oils, pure waxes, and FDA-approved colors, ensuring that you're applying the best ingredients to your skin. RCMA Foundation is renowned for its ability to seamlessly blend into the skin, providing a second-skin effect rather than a heavy layer of makeup. Plus, its low halation formula means no powdering is required, making it perfect for dry skin types, including men.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Lanolin Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Longwear
  • No Caking
  • No Separating
  • Universally Flattering

The KA Series 5 Part is a collection of light tones, highly pigmented for full coverage or for softer sheer application. This series has slight yellow undertones with a warm clean finish. This all in one palette can be used as a foundation, highlight or contour and can be mixed to find you perfect shade thought out all seasons.

Palette Includes

  • KA-1
  • KA-2
  • KA-3
  • KA-4
  • KO-2

The KO Series 5 Part Palette is a group of highly pigmented foundations from light to medium neutral tones, highly pigmented and designed to be applied for full or sheer coverage. This all in one palette can be used as a foundation, highlight or contour and the colors can be mixed to adjust your perfect match in all seasons.

Palette Includes

  • KO-1
  • KO-2
  • KO-3
  • KO-4
  • KO-7

The Shinto Series 5 Part Palette is a beautiful collection of clean and radiant light to medium tones with slightly yellow undertones. This all in one palette can be used as a foundation, highlight or contour, highly pigmented for full coverage or a sheer application.Ā 

Palette Includes

  • SH-1
  • SH-2
  • SH-3
  • SH-4
  • SH-5
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