Collection: RCMA Makeup


RCMA, which stands for Research Council of Makeup Artists, is a professional makeup brand known for its high-quality products, particularly its foundations. The brand was founded by makeup artist Vincent J-R Kehoe in the late 1960s. RCMA is highly regarded in the makeup industry, especially among professional makeup artists, for its versatile and customizable products, particularly its foundations.

RCMA foundations are known for their unique formula and texture. The brand is famous for producing foundations that are highly pigmented, which means that a little product goes a long way. The foundations are designed to provide excellent coverage while still looking natural and skin-like. They are often referred to as "colorless" foundations, meaning they don't carry undertones that could potentially interfere with a makeup artist's ability to create a custom shade for any skin tone.

RCMA foundations are formulated to work well with different skin types, and they are often praised for their long-lasting power and natural finish. They are commonly used in film, television, theater, and special events (e.g. weddings), photography settings, where makeup needs to withstand intense lighting and long hours.