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RCMA Makeup

RCMA Foundation 1/2oz Single Pot

RCMA Foundation 1/2oz Single Pot

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RCMA Cream Foundation is the top choice of professionals, offering highly pigmented, blendable coverage without perfume, mineral oil, or lanolin. Ideal for photography, film, and everyday wear, this revolutionary formula from Vincent Kehoe of the Research Council of Makeup Artists sets the standard for high-definition quality. 

KA Series is a collection of tones for the lightest skin types, this series has slight yellow undertones with a warm clean finish.

KO Series is a group of highly pigmented neutral tones, able to match most light to medium skin types.

Shinto Series is a group of tones with slight yellow undertones and a radiant clean finish. 

Olive Series is a highly pigmented group of radiant warm tones, designed for versatile application from breathable full coverage to a sheer balanced glow. Gena Beige and Tantone also fall into this series.

Ivory has cool undertones and is designed specifically for the lightest of skin types, to illuminate and brighten the final look. Ivory is just slightly darker than Porcelain.

Porcelain has cool undertones and is the perfect tone for the lightest skin type, yet warm and illuminating, leaving your final look polished, fresh, and glowing. Porcelain was designed originally for the very pale Young Queen in “Star Wars.”

CS 1 is the perfect cool pink highlight while YH 1 is a light yellow highlight. CS2 is a darker neutral pink highlight. S1 is a neutral contour while S5 is ideal as a dark contour tone.

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